First of its kind integrated course on financial literacy, business growth and investment strategies with Power to Me.


What is Power to Me?

Power to Me has been created to empower humanity by enabling people to reach their personal and financial goals.
It is an online educational course which empowers individuals, families and communities by educating them on financial literacy, personal empowerment, business and investment strategies.

It provides in-depth knowledge on financial education and business strategies which are indispensable for achieving financial growth and success.
It is the most affordable educational course in financial literacy and personal empowerment which can bring an amazing transformation to your life.

It consists of four courses which are skilfully designed to share some of the best practises in a practical way.
These courses are meant to empower people from any social, economic, political and cultural background to become financially literate and lead a financially secured life.

It is an asset for all sections of the society from the financially challenged to the working middle class to the rich and famous as it teaches everyone to find new ways to create cash flow.
It gives financial freedom to people in need by developing their skill sets and by giving them proper guidance on financial empowerment, personal empowerment, business and investment strategies.

Simple & Understandable

It gives a fair understanding of financial literacy by simplifying the complexity of the subject.

Become Debt Free

It enables people to become debt free by implementing the knowledge and get out of debt strategies.

Key Strategies

It provides all the essential information and strategies required for financial planning of every individual and their families to live a debt free and more organized life.

Financial Planning

Better financial planning results in better savings, which helps in improving the financial condition of an individual and uplifts the economic condition of the society.

Financial Freedom

It helps in understanding what financial freedom actually means and how taking action and executing strategies can define your success.


It enables you with all the skill sets required to get clarity on investment, business and executing financial strategies to get maximum benefit.

Learn From The Best

Get enlightened by the masters of the financial world as they share their experience, thoughts, best practises and reveal the secret business and investment strategies which will definitely add more value to your life and guide you to the path of success.

Feature courses

Some of the amazing courses available to our members

Personal Empowerment
ENGLISH6 months

Personal Empowerment

You will learn to manage and maintain your mental, emotional and physical state, allowing you to successfully work through and remove negativity you experience. Identifying your why, creating a positi...

Financial Empowerment
ENGLISH6 months

Financial Empowerment

Receive clarity on what financial freedom really is and how to think financially when planning for your financial future. In the Financial Empowerment course you will learn what it means to have a fin...

Business Empowerment
ENGLISH6 months

Business Empowerment

In the Business Empowerment course, you will receive hours of video and content that will help you learn what it takes to grow a successful business. We will define what Business Empowerment means and...

Investment Empowerment
ENGLISH6 months

Investment Empowerment

In the Investment Empowerment program you will receive hours of video and content that will help you understand the fundamentals of great investments and what it takes to make wise investment choices.

Recent Blogs

Informative blogs from our team of writers.

24th Apr 2019


Learning financial empowerment can be strange for some, but yet interesting and fun while being realistic and straightforward. It caters to all income-slabs and circumstances, despite the massive dive...

What’s The Point Of Making Investments?
16th Apr 2019

What’s The Point Of Making Investments?

In plain terms, to make more money than what you already have without having to shed blood, sweat and tears for it all over again. But there's more to it than that, there's a key to achieving financia...

The Powerful Keys To Unlocking A Successful Business
15th Apr 2019

The Powerful Keys To Unlocking A Successful Business

Most people think business is a nice thing to do or that they just want to try it out. If that's you, then it's best to stay away from running businesses and instead look into investment options or fi...

the challenges of a high school financial planning program in india
08th Apr 2019

the challenges of a high school financial planning program in india

Do you feel that having financial literacy as a school subject will raise the country's wealth? Do you think the need for financial planning for young Indian adults is different compared to other coun...


Some of the amazing sessions in the Personal Empowerment course.


Love is the Ultimate Power TOP PICK

Love Never Fails And Neither Will You With The Gems In This Session.

  • Duration: 10:48
  • Video files
  • Self Evaluation


The Power to ACHE

What is ACHE, and how will applying this process benefit your life?

  • Duration: 09:33
  • Video files
  • Self Evaluation


The Power of Preparation

Prepare yourself emotionally, mentally and physically for any occasion.

  • Duration: 11:26
  • Video files
  • Self Evaluation


The Power Of Peace

Why is peace an important quality for you to cultivate and display?

  • Duration: 13:11
  • Video files
  • Self Evaluation

Our Team

Power to Me Team

The Power to Me team include renowned mentors of personal development, financial literacy, business and financial growth and investing.

Education Centre

Power to Me Education Centre

As a member, you will have access to our education centre where you will receive your sessions, bonus content, personalised guidance and evaluation tools.

Power by Numbers

Grow Together Power to Me

The more we all grow as a team the more we can adapt the progress of our members to help others along the way. That means YOU are helping better the lives of others.

Our Mission

Alex Tuira, the creator and founder of Power to Me has been instrumental in transforming the lives of many across the globe by sharing his knowledge and expertise on financial strategies.
His mission is to share his success with India to support the people here to have the same results others have experiences. He is a renowned teacher, business & personal finance mentor and strategist who has had the privilege of learning from some of the best experts from the financial world. Through Power to me he wants to share all his learnings, knowledge, experience and strategies and empower people to achieve their personal and financial goals.

After his success in teaching individuals and families in New Zealand, Power to me is coming to India to share its success strategies. This is a tried and trusted course which has not only given financial freedom to many but also enabled them to become a better human being. It is the most affordable course specially customized to cater the need of every individual. Thus, we say, “Let Power to Me be Power to You”.
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