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Our Mission: To Empower Humanity!

We want to apply Outstanding Business and Investing Strategies to Empower Humanity

The Past

The Power to Me Financial Literacy Module was created out of Alex’s insatiable passion to help his family learn to get out of debt and assist 1,000,000 people in becoming financially literate. This seed that was planted came in the most awkward way. A small fraction of Alex’s family was in huge financial debt. Alex was asked to find a way out of this emotional damaging situation that was tearing his family apart.

Alex was in a considerable amount of debt himself and at first felt unqualified to take the lead in financial matters. Alex had to put those limiting beliefs aside and began to read books on money, finance and debt strategy. He found a strategy that immediately helped his family and soon the good news of his success spread.

Other family members and friends began asking him how they could get out of debt and before long his home was full of interested parties. Their success was also shared and then he was in front of rooms filled with people wanting to learn about financial literacy.

The Present:

Today Alex has helped hundreds of families to get out of debt and he continues to do so. He has created a financial literacy Module that is the first of its kind in New Zealand. He personally delivers this education Module at a Pā Wānanga in Christchurch called Te Pā Ō Rākaihautū to over fifty students as well as the parents and staff.

This Financial Literacy Module is designed to inspire people to become financially literate.

The Future

Power to Me will be a leader in providing successful strategies for personal empowerment and financial literacy. These will benefit families and individuals from any social, economic, political and cultural background who are desiring to change or improve their personal circumstances.

The benefits

  • Life changing modules at the most affordable price.
  • Get educated more about your financial position.
  • Self assessments to evaluate your understanding and progress during the sessions.
  • Power to Me gives an opportunity to discover the secrets of financially literate people through the execution of strategies and taking action.
  • Self assessments to evaluate your understanding and progress during the sessions.
  • Power to Me gives an opportunity to discover the secrets of financial leaders for executing strategies and taking action to be successful.
  • Industry leaders share their best practises which will help you in your personal empowerment.
  • This module helps you to understand what financial freedom actually means and how you can achieve it in the most effective manner.
  • It empowers you with the skill sets which improves your understanding of the financial world.
  • It gives more clarity and better sense of financial awareness and growth.
  • It helps to manage your mental, physical, emotional and financial state.
  • It removes all negativity and creates a positive atmosphere where you start believing in yourself.
  • It helps in engaging and empowering yourself to move forward successfully.
  • It enables you to get a successful positive transformation in your personality.

Amazing Modules

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